Eco Center Radulovački

Eco Center Radulovački is a center for educational purposes of civil society, regardless of age and region. Special attention will be paid to environmental protection and work with young people. It is situated in the old core of Sremski Karlovci and is made up of two buildings:
1. “Fruška gora“ – the building from 18 th century, reconstructed in 2008
2. “Dunav” – the modern building in the courtyard of the Center built in 2012.
The sustainable building of Eco Center Radulovački is energy-efficient and is built according to the principles of sustainable architecture. It uses sustainable energy such as:
- Earth’s energy for heating and cooling the building
- The sun’s energy to heat up warm water, as well as to produce energy for the hall “Košnica”.
The construction of a new wing was financed by great donator and philanthropist Dr. Miodrag Radulovački, who was a professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, after whom the object was named Eco Center Radulovački. Since 2015, the object carries the “Quality Label for Youth Centers”, received from The Council of Europe.