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Education for Sustainable Development

Through an informal way of education, we are trying to implement subjects of environment and sustainable development in educational systems, from kindergartens to universities. Throughout the years, we have completed numerous accredited programs for teacher training, arranged thematic training for high school and university students, prepared didactic materials for teachers and students intended to educate them about themes involving environmental protection.

For cleaner and greener schools in Vojvodina

Since 2009, Vojvodina Environmental Movement has been participating in the realization of a project called “For cleaner and greener schools in Vojvodina” in partnership with four other provincial secretariats – for environmental protection, for education, energy and social protection, as well as ReCan foundation. The goal of this program is to raise awareness and personal responsibility for protecting the environment of kids, students, educators and parents, the local environment, as well as pursuing activities that have the goal of preserving cleaner and greener surroundings in preschool institutions, elementary schools and other local environments.

The goal of our organization is:


  1. To prepare teachers for the model of education for elementary and high school students in nature and the possible use of protected natural areas for the realization of classes and subjects (biology). These themes are tied to environmental protection, activities spent in nature and possibilities of sustainable use of nature around us.
  2. To arrange single-day field trips to Sremski Karlovci with the goal of understanding the natural values of the national park Fruška gora and Special Nature Reserve Koviljsko Petrovaradinski Rit with the methods of informal education.
Solar academy

Unique, interactive and practical training is designed to educate young people about renewable energy, especially energy, through volunteering and teamwork, which eventually leads to positive changes in their knowledge. Throughout the 7-day training, young people go through the process of creating small solar power stations. Training ends in Special Nature Reserve Koviljsko Petrovaradinski Rit. Participants of previous camps engaged in the creation of a handbook “Sam svoj solarni majstor”, while also promoting the program and the handbook to their peers.

Young people find this program for environmental protection and sustainable development very attractive due to the fact that their formal educational systems do not offer enough practical skills.